Life with Prosthesis and Important Information

The aim of the prosthesis is to eliminate the movement and aesthetic problems of the limb which is incomplete or insufficient due to congenital or amputation. Regardless of the need for prosthesis, it is very important to choose the most suitable prosthesis according to the life style and demands of prosthesis usage. The prosthesis used should mimic the limb and its functions at the highest level. Therefore, it is necessary to provide the patient with the most appropriate technology, high quality.

As Anadolu Orthopedics family since 1988, we have been manufacturing customized products for our patients by using high quality and technologic prosthetic parts and equipments which we have obtained from many different parts of the world.

After the application, the patient needs to get used to the prosthesis and get rehabilitation under the guidance of a specialist prostetist in order to get full efficiency. For maximum efficiency; The right technology, high quality and detailed rehabilitation process are indispensable.


Değerlendirme sonucunda yapılmasına karar verilen protez, kişiye özel uygulama gerektirmektedir. Bu sebepten protezin soket kısmı ve diğer bileşenlerinin boyutlarını belirlemek için alçı ile kalıp alma ve metrik ölçüm yapılır. 


Ölçü işlemi sonucunda elde edilen alçı kalıptan ile hastanın birebir ölçüde güdük modeli oluşturulur. Ardından metrik ölçümler, belirlenen soket tekniğine uygun olacak şekilde, soket oluşturulur. Soket kısmı oluşturulduktan sonra belirlenen protez parçaları yine hasta ölçüm verilerine göre ayarlanır ve sokete bağlanır.


The prosthesis manufactured is tested on the patient. In this process, the patient and prostetist are in constant communication. The prosthetist and the patient continue to make modifications to the prosthesis until they are certain that there are no mismatches or problems in the socket or other parts.


After full compliance of the prosthesis to the patient, the patient needs to get accustomed to the prosthesis, try and see the functions and apply it. Therefore, the prostetist will continue to rehabilitate for as long as he deems necessary. Correct orientation and patient effort is very important and effective in this process. Success in the rehabilitation process will then have a direct impact on the wearing comfort of the prosthesis.